Opticana is Bangkok’s leading eyewear retailer

We provide exclusive eyewear brands and professional services.

Opticana is a full-service optical shop founded in 1992 by Khun Preedarat Tachochavalit who has experiences in eye-care business for more than 30 years. Opticana focuses on being a fashion leader, a full-service provider and professionalism in eye examination and eyeglasses.

Opticana offers high quality products and services carried out by experienced optometrists. At every branch of Opticana, only the trained optometrists from Thai Optometric Association will perform eye examination and eye-care consultation for customers. Moreover, Opticana is also an expert in contact lenses, progressive lenses, single lenses and occupational lenses.

Opticana currently has 3 outlets which are at Silom Complex, SalaDaeng and Chula Optical Centre.



Eye screening examination

Eye screening examination is a process which understanding and experience are required. At Opticana, we provide high quality tools and cutting-edge technologies as well as attentive and experienced professionals for every eye screening and examination.

Lens consulting

Today there are many types of lenses for eyeglasses depending on different needs such as progressive lenses, single lenses, computer lenses, sport lenses and special design lenses. Therefore, Opticana places importance on lens consulting to customers about appropriate lenses for individual lifestyles and needs in order for the highest use.

Repair and fixing services

Opticana provides repairing and fixing service for all types and brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses by meticulous and skilled technicians so that customers can be confident and trust in our service.

Contact lens fitting

At Opticana, there are experienced professionals specialised in measuring the curvature of eye’s surface (cornea) in order to provide the right contact lenses size for customer’s eyes. Since different contact lenses have different curvature measuring the cornea’s curvature assures customer’s comfort and safety. Besides, Opticana also offers consultation service about contact lenses regarding customer’s personality and usage.


Opticana Silom Complex

Unit 213/214. 2nd Floor
191 Silom Road,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone : 02-231-3274-5
BTS station : Saladaeng

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28 Silom Road,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone : 02-234-3757,02-234-1510
BTS station : Saladaeng

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Chula Optical Center

942/22 Rama 4 Road,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone : 02-234-6419
BTS station : Saladaeng

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